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How the Internet of Things Will Impact Software Development Companies in Perth

19 December, 2017, by Blogger, 0 Comments

The use of the Internet of Things is increasing every day. And software development companies in Perth and elsewhere will soon be dealing with increased challenges and opportunities as IoT devices become more prevalent.

Quality custom software development, solution architecture, web applications, and front-end development will all be impacted by IoT connected devices. Here are just a few ways that software development companies will be affected:

  • Security:

Software development companies will not only need to learn new ways to work with IoT applications and devices, but they’ll need to develop security policies that respond to growing threats.

  • Maintenance and Updates:

Software developers will need to tweak their skill sets and capabilities to ensure they can frequently and quickly update security and IoT products will keep up with growing innovation.

  • Data Analysis:

We’ll have more “big data” than ever before, as IoT and sensors continually send data back and forth. Developers will need to work closely with data scientists as the volume of data available continues to grow.

  • Recruitment:

The focus on IoT will mean that software development companies will need to focus on continual recruitment, training, and retraining for new roles. The strength of these teams and their expertise will determine whether businesses will sink or swim.

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