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18 June, 2013, by Blogger, 0 Comments

Google is constantly looking at ways to improve their methods of delivering the best and most relevant search results for their users. Seeking out the most valuable and reputable content is not an easy task, and that’s why the algorithms used by the search engine giant are so complex. And to stay effective, their stratgeies must be continually revised and updated.

It’s a sophisticated field, and one that requires expert Perth SEO marketers to be on top of all of the latest updates. PageRank and Penguin are two such examples. These algorithms allow the search engine giant to weed out many ‘black hat’ (non-legitimate) SEO attempts to gain an unfairly high ranking. Non-credible sites are frozen out of the top rankings so only genuine sites are given value.

Earlier this year, Google made a significant change that affected many SEO marketers. The new signal was keyword over-use, and the restrictions were quite unforgiving. Quality content needs to be as organic as possible, with keyword use kept to 2-3 times per page. This ensures the content is written with more of a focus on the reader, rather than the requirements of SEO.

So, how do you keep on top of the game? Here’s our top tips for achieving consistently high page rankings:
Attract loyal users and encourage them to share your content.
Keep your content relevant, engaging and updated.
Utilise keywords, but avoid over-use.
Provide relevant links.
Aim for link-backs from reputable sites.
Adapt to changes in search engine algorithms.

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