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iPhone Applications Now a Two-way Street

20 December, 2013, by Blogger, 0 Comments

The increasing capabilities of smartphones and tablets are allowing iPhone Applications Developers in Perth to design Apps that are ever more useful and impressive. Faster upload times and better screen resolutions are opening up new possibilities in terms of function and usability. The real progression, however, is in the interactivity between the App publishers and their targeted users. And we’re not talking about static interactivity such as search functions and content preferences. We’re talking about real interactivity that creates a communication channel between companies and their customers. The type of communication that makes customers feel valued and appreciated.

So, how can you make your App communication-friendly? It can be as easy as inviting feedback on your content. It’s best to have comments moderated before they go live (to avoid inappropriate language), but other than this, this type of interaction is easy. Linking your app to Twitter or Facebook is a great facilitator of this type of content sharing.

Another way to gauge the popularity of your content is to assess click-through data. Specialist software can allow you to view the aspects of your App that your customers are using most. You can then adjust your design accordingly.

Currently very popular in the App world is ‘Crowd Sourcing’. This is where your App content is fuelled by the reviews and/or ratings of your users. This then creates a credible, worthy database of information that is useful to your users. The more contributors, the higher the quality of the content. This technique is often used for Apps that promote restaurants, hotels or online shopping.

If you want to discover more about creating a communication-friendly App, call to DBSIT today. We are proud to Perth’s leading provider of iPhone Application Development.


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