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IT Outsourcing set to Increase in Australia in 2016

11 February, 2016, by Blogger, 0 Comments

IT outsourcing in Australia has been gaining in popularity for the last five years, as businesses look at ways to make the most of their resources, cut costs, and still give the necessary attention to their IT needs.

In May last year, Australia Post proposed the outsourcing of 108 of its IT jobs, expecting to save between $5 million and $8 million, and in 2013 ITNewcom’s annual study revealed that 75% of organisations were already outsourcing some applications and 85% outsourcing infrastructure.

And for many businesses, the idea of outsourcing offshore just doesn’t compute. Many businesses prefer to keep their IT outsourcing within Australia due to better customer service, a better reputation with clients, fewer communication issues and fewer problems with time differences.

Companies outsource their IT for a number of reasons, and two key reasons are flexibility and lower costs. Instead of having an IT team full-time, it often makes more sense to use an experienced IT company to help streamline backend systems, backup key data and be on-call in the event of any problems. And as DBS IT Australia is available both remotely and onsite 7 days a week, there’s no reason to worry that key IT issues won’t be immediately addressed.

Another great reason to outsource your IT is to make the most of DBS IT’s access to technology. Many small Australian businesses cannot afford advanced IT infrastructure or accounting programs, while DBS IT Australia can provide these, teach employees how to use them, and ensure that everything is running correctly each day.

Thinking about outsourcing your IT? Call DBS IT Australia today and find out how we can help.


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