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Managed IT Services on the Rise in Perth

12 October, 2015, by Synapse, 0 Comments

A recent study by CompTIA in the United States has revealed some interesting information, with more than two-thirds of the companies who were surveyed saying that they had used the services of an IT firm within the past year.
A little over half of the respondents described themselves as “very familiar” with the concept of managed IT services, and another 40% said they were somewhat familiar.

This is something which is paralleled in Perth, with managed IT services gaining in popularity throughout Australia, but especially in WA.

As companies realise the benefits of customised IT support services, they are increasingly turning to companies like DBSIT which offer customisable managed IT services, giving clients both certainty and flexibility to ensure they achieve their businesses goals.

So how can managed IT services help your business?

IT services can take over the daily responsibilities of monitoring and managing IT infrastructure. They resolve any IT problems and act as your personal IT department or supplement your existing IT staff.
Managed IT services can save you time and reduce your IT costs, delivering results you can immediately enjoy.
You get the benefit of a large and experienced IT staff for far less than it would cost you to handle it in-house.
Your business will receive top quality expertise so that staff can concentrate on their work without worrying about IT.

Managed IT services allow you to receive up-to-date support, meaning you have more productivity and less time wasted every day.

Thinking about using managed IT services in Perth? Talk to DBSIT today.


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