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29 July, 2013, by Blogger, 0 Comments

As the major technology companies release ever more sophisticated Smart Phones and Tablets, the pressure is on App Developers to keep up the pace. Consumers are expecting to see impressive functions and designs that fully utilise the increasing capabilities of these devices.

If you want your business to stand out, you’ll need an App that is fast, easy to navigate, and can be easily updated to meet your growing product or service offering. Your App also needs to maintain its design integrity when viewed on a number of different sized screens, from the smallest iPhone to the largest Tablet screen. Developers also need to consider whether the App will translate to a desktop PC, or if a separate design needs to be established for this purpose. The DBSIT iPhone Development team has created Apps for many Perth businesses across a number of industry sectors. We understand that the objectives of your App will be dependent on the nature of your business. The idea that an App must be ‘fun’ and interactive is slowly eroding. Sometimes an App simply needs to present information in an easy-to-read format. Others will be wholly focussed on e-commerce, with the emphasis being on fast image downloads and a simple path to the shopping basket and checkout. Sometimes, it is the marketing message that needs to be at the core of the design strategy. Through careful consultation, our team will determine the best solution for you. At DBSIT, we understand that App Development needs to stay at the forefront of the latest technology. Contact us today to discover more.


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