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Online Marketing Calls For A Planned Strategy

12 February, 2013, by Blogger, 0 Comments

The online marketing mix has many different facets. From paid advertising and online directory listings to social media and viral campaigns, the possibilities are vast. In the past, many companies approached online marketing with one simple goal – to be seen on as many sites as possible. While this plan can be somewhat effective, clever marketing professionals now understand that online marketing requires more of a planned strategy.

Targeted exposure
Your business has its own unique image, and it’s important that your online marketing strategy reflects this. You need to identify your target market and gain information on their web browsing habits. You can then target your advertising or cross-site promotions with the kind of websites your customers are likely to visit. Not only does this minimise wastage of advertising dollars, it also allows you to make a statement about the type of company you are.

Enticing your customers
When advertising online, the most successful campaigns entice potential customers by offering something. And we’re not just talking about discounts or sales. Your advertising, tweets, posts or blogs also need to inform and/or entertain. Discover more about your customers and engage them in online conversations.

Viral campaigns
Every marketing professional dreams of the no-cost exposure of a viral marketing that reaches millions of customers. The recent ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ campaign from Metro is a recent example. However, you don’t need to achieve millions of hits to benefit from viral marketing. Be consistent, offer regular updates and offers, and you’ll find that your loyal customers will be happy to share your posts and blogs with their friends. And it’s those recommendations that are marketing gold.

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