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SEO – So Much More than Keywords

12 December, 2012, by Blogger, 0 Comments

There’s a lot of talk of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), especially in competitive marketing teams across Perth. From small business owners to managers in large corporations, everyone with a web presence would agree on the importance of implementing an effective SEO strategy. Yet, the real meaning of SEO is often misunderstood. Many people believe SEO is simply the process of peppering your online content with as many target keywords as possible. While keywords are a crucial component of SEO, they represent only part of the story.

A complex playing field

In the early days, major search engines mostly ranked pages according their keyword density. At that time, if a user typed in ‘Bike Repairs in Perth’, the first search result would be the page that contained that phrase the most times. Inevitably, this led to websites flooding their pages with keywords in an effort to claim the top ranking.

Now, the playing field is much more complex. The search engines are using very sophisticated techniques to sort the worthy from the useless. In fact, Google uses ever-changing algorithms and up to 200 signals to assess the quality and relevance of your website. For example, link backs have become an important factor, as a high number of links to your site is an indicator of its credibility.

Beware the ‘black hat’

Beware of rogue SEO services in Perth who might promise you 5000 hits a day. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. These operators often utilise ‘black hat’ techniques that attempt to fool the search engines. Once a new ‘black hat’ technique is uncovered, the search engine programmers will quickly devise a counter-strategy to combat it. What you want is ‘white hat’ techniques that are professionally implemented and above board. After all, it is your reputation that is at stake.

That’s why DBSIT is number one for SEO in Perth. Our specialists stay at the forefront of SEO techniques so your website can reach the number one ranking – and stay there!

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