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The Benefits of using SharePoint Development for your business in Perth

8 March, 2016, by Blogger, 0 Comments

SharePoint is the most popular web application platform, and around 75% of fortune 500 companies use SharePoint software. SharePoint was developed by Microsoft, and has a number of features that can help your business save money without sacrificing quality. While it can be used out of the box, one of the main advantages SharePoint has over other software is how customizable it is.

There are many different ways to use custom SharePoint development for your business. While it is often used to create websites, it can also be used as a back-end system that allows your employees to communicate and share data.

Here are some ways that SharePoint Development can be used to improve your business in Perth:


SharePoint gives your employees a space where they can store and share documents. This means that unless an administrator has locked a document, it can be viewed by anyone in the company. This will free up time that would otherwise be spent tracking down and emailing documents. Multiple people can also work on the same document, leading to less confusion and increased productivity.


An easily accessible intranet can make a huge difference to the day-to-day running of your business. Employees can sign in at any time during the day to read updates and notices, can access schedules and announcements, and even find their payslips and workplace policies.


SharePoint can allow you to set up a separate website to communicate with your current clients. This means they can quickly upload any information you need, and you can easily send them work as it is completed.

Business Intelligence

One of the most important ways that SharePoint can help your business is by giving you the opportunity to collect and collaborate data from your business and use it to make informed decisions. Over time you’ll be able to see different trends, which will be displayed in user-friendly charts and graphs, and the sharing aspect of SharePoint will make it easy for any necessary changes to be implemented by the whole company.

At DBS IT we use SharePoint, due to the many ways it can help business owners to share information and increase staff production. SharePoint is Microsoft’s number one best-selling product and is likely to continue to be the first choice for software developers in the future.


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