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Social Media Dominating Online Marketing Strategy

24 April, 2013, by Blogger, 0 Comments

Marketing experts have long worked with the assumption that a customer needs to see a logo at least seven times before it becomes embedded in their memory. Pre-internet, this meant you would need to have your business name and logo plastered on billboards, advertised in print or broadcasted on radio or television. But this is the new information age, and things have changed dramatically. Marketing professionals across Perth are now turning to online marketing to gain this much-needed repetitious exposure.

DBSIT is Perth’s leading online marketing company because we understand the rapidly changing nature of the online marketing mix. Trends go in and out in a matter of months. At one stage, online directories were the dominant focus. Review sites such as Trip Advisor were also billed to be a powerful make-or-break promotion tool. These sites are now receiving some backlash in terms of credibility. Users are asking themselves if they trust the opinion of strangers.

This is why social media is taking over. Customers are greatly influenced by the shopping habits of their friends, peers and acquaintances. Sites such as facebook allow your customer to see which Perth businesses are gaining the most ‘likes’ from their pool of online friends. These personal recommendations represent the most powerful form of marketing available. It’s important you understand the integral role that social media will play in your online marketing strategy.

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