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The Biggest Threats Facing Business Apps

19 July, 2017, by Blogger, 0 Comments

Many companies have cloud infrastructure, third-party applications and SaaS. For much of this, there’s only a limited amount that business owners can do to ensure they’re protected. The security of these systems is on the provider.

But, when you reach a certain size and you’re running your own apps, with your own data centre, networks, phones, and laptops, security becomes your problem.

Applications are one of the most vulnerable areas for many businesses. Ensuring that they’re secure and don’t have any mistakes that can be exploited is crucial.

There are three main threats you should watch out for:

Improper Authentication

This involves users getting unauthorised access to privileged data. Most companies have different tiers of access for different users, and in some cases, someone with a basic access level can end up getting access into the enterprise services information.

Cross-Site Scripting

This means that hackers can get information into your credentials. Many companies allow users to fill out information but forget to narrow it down to a valid range. This means that hackers can use JavaScript to take screenshots of what users are doing, and their credentials.

Cross-Site Request Forgery

This is an attempt to trick authenticated users into actions that they haven’t authorised. To prevent this, websites need to verify that the users on the page are correct, and not someone posing as that user. Without the right level of authentication, hackers can impersonate other people.

As you can see, these threats are worrying for many business owners. If you’d like to talk about developing an application, or checking the security of your apps, get in touch today.

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