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4 July, 2013, by Blogger, 0 Comments

So often, when plans and consultations for a new website take place, the focus is firmly set on the goals of the organisation. Which products to highlight, which information is deemed more important, which colours best project the company image and brand – these are all important considerations. But there is one cosideration that must always be at the top of the list – the user experience.

At DBSIT, we work with the understanding that the user experience is paramount to the success of your business. The design needs to be simple and the navigation needs to be intuitive. Any web development company In Perth can promise to deliver a website that looks trendy and sleek. Wrapped up in a quest to create flashy design and functionality, some developers can sometimes lose sight of the original objective – to engage the user in a way that will encourage them to re-visit the site often. Complicated, busy designs can often do the opposite.

When you have been absorbed in the process of developing a site, it’s often difficult to spot potential issues for the user. This is where testing comes in. At DBSIT, we always ensure that our websites are viewed with ‘fresh eyes’ before launch. This means we ask memebers of our staff, or a target market test group, to sit down and navigate the site so they can provide valuable feedback to our web designers.

Web development in Perth is a competitive field. Take advantage of our experience. Call DBSIT for professional, creative web design that stands out from the crowd.


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