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offers premium IT strategic services for medium and large corporations. We deliver IT strategies and architecture, as well a cutting edge advanced technological solutions that facilitate the resolution of complex business problems and maximise performance and efficiency.We serve our diverse client base -including major clients from the mining, oil and gas, finance sectors – with responsive, dependable, quality consultation and support.

We provide our clients with the technology consultation and business IT enabled solutions that effectively fuse with their business and marketing strategies to create a seamless corporate and business system that functions at its most efficient. We promote and deliver IT Professional Services in Perth & Sydney that drives excellence and performance and optimise IT assets which convert to real business value and profit.

We can provide strategic solutions that effectively reduce risk, maximise operational efficiencies and flexibility as well as minimise IT costs. We take the very best of care with our clients’ IT systems and specialise in the thorough overseeing and day to day management of networks and complex infrastructure.

We do so by offering:

  • An optimal translation of business aims and requirements into technology solutions and methods
  • The development and maintenance of enterprise, marketing and solution architecture –SEO, online marketing strategies
  • The comprehensive analysis of IT information usage and processing
  • Consultation, advice and delivery on IT department effectiveness
  • A range of economically and technologically viable outsourcing options
  • Development and design of online applications – web design
  • Transformation of your organisation’s IT sector or department into a premium level performer.

DBS IT offers a global IT service delivery model that has the strategic, technical, operational and organisational expertise to help enterprises of any size and at any stage on their business evolution process.

Our key technology practices include:



We show our clients how to maximise advantage, profits and growth with the most efficient and expedient use of their IT frameworks. Our clients are guided in the proficient utilisation of IT strategy and alignment, enterprise architecture, IT sourcing, IT performance and even IT project management.



Our complete IT industry knowledge gives our clients the edge in relation to holistic IT strategies and smart integration of innovative solutions. Full and complete integration is the aim and DBS IT delivers.




We know and understand the value of information. We can design, develop and implement data and information management solutions that perfect the storage, analysis, capture and distribution of your organisation’s intellectual and informational property.




Our ability to match industry-specific insight with finance and technology experts can leverage our clients to the top in terms of reporting and analysis capabilities. Budgeting, consolidation of financials, reporting strategies and the implementation of a premium finance functionality are delivered by DBS IT. Not just faster…but smarter too.
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