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SEO – or search engine optimisation is a considered and planned process of improving the position and visibility of a webpage or a website within the organic or algorithmic results. It is an online strategy that aims to increase your marketing presence and capabilities on the net.

DBS IT AUSTRALIA understands these processes and can deliver premier SEO service, guidance and improvement in:

  • Page ranking
  • Keywords
  • Website audits
  • Links per page
  • White hat techniques
  • Quality of links
  • Content on the website (quality and usefulness)
  • Technical issues
  • Structural issues
  • Trustworthiness of the website

DBS IT SEO Services can explain the definition of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) clearly and succinctly.The search engines such as Google, consider a number of key factors and up to 200 signals when sifting through the millions of sites to allocate page and ranking placements.

DBS IT AUSTRALIA is now positioned as a top (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation Company in Perth and the Australian west coast. Our proven results means that we are able to deliver on many of the required and essential optimisation processes and machinations that can drive a website to achieve the best results.

This involves a carefully strategized and multifaceted approach that involves a number of key elements devised by DBS IT AUSTRALIA:

Planning Stage

Client profile
and Needs.

First, DBS IT AUSTRALIA considers what you want and need to maximise your business or website. Is your goal to improve SERP rankings, generate traffic, increase leads and sales, and/or promote your brand?


Our Perth SEO services include a thorough benchmarking your website or webpage against your main competitors. This gives us the insight to develop strategies that can transform a client’s market share, market presents and ROI (return on investment.)

Full site

We will analyse your website in entirety, from design and layout through to quality of text, visuals and graphics as well as the technical and structural factors that contribute to its failings and its successes.


We research keywords that will encourage the best returns, by looking at a site’s goals, web analytics data, current market position, and specific industry searching trends and habits.


Lastly, we devise a customised SEO strategy so our clients attain their goals as soon as possible.

Implementation Stage

Search Engine Optimisation

Each website and client is offered personalised processes regarding optimisation. Some of DBS IT’s offered fundamentals include:

  1. Optimisation of website coding
  2. external link building
  3. internal link structures
  4. content strategies
  5. social media strategies

Technical advice.

We will either implement technical or coding changes and modifications or work in with a re-existing web development team. This flexibility and adaptation ensures best outcomes for clients.

A dedicated team.

DBS IT AUSTRALIA offers clients a digital marketing specialist and an SEO project manager to oversee the processes clients require.

Ongoing strategy maintenance and servicing.

An ongoing 6 month plan, or as contracted and required, which facilitates clients’ abilities to adapt to SEO developments and transformations that occur periodically.

SEO Services Perth, managed IT support service in Perth, Sydney and other Regions of Australia wide speak with our experts.


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